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Han sung Fireplace - Top3

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  • South Korea South Korea
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Han sung Fireplace - Top3

│ Description │

Application for a patent on SMART AIR SYSTEM :
as the system that uses multiple combustion systems to burn small particles such as all gases (including smoke) and tar once again an then convert them into heat, this application makes the technology
for completely burning tar and smoke arising from incomplete combustion an object of a patent.

│ Feature │

  • The effects of cost savings due to reduction of fuel (or firewood) consumption
  • Eco-friendly product that minimize the discharge of carcinogenic tar and gases into the atmosphere
  • Low-carbon, high-thermal- efficiency product that burns carbon dioxide completely, as compared with
    incomplete combustion stoves
  • Significant reduction of the frequency of ash disposal because only a little ashes are left
    over due to complete combustion

    Air circulation structure - the primary heat circulation device that is capable of bringing about the maximum thermal efficiency by circulating combusted hot air or heat

    The secondary heat circulation device that burns heat and gases missed
    in the primary heat circulation device once again (multi-combustion function)
    • Air conditioner to prevent soot (air curtain function)
    • Grates to facilitate efficient combustion
    • Air conditioner for efficient combustion
    • Triple Heat Dissipation Structure (or Triple structure for heat dissipation)


    │ Specification │

    Size – 480*490*960mm
    Weight – 130kg
    Material - POSCO steel sheet